jaysky3y ago

Wwise And Normcore

Hi, is there anyone who use Wwise and Normcore together? Since I integrated Wwise to my Unity project, the voice chat stopped working in Oculus and I get this error in my Unity Editor in play mode - "Failed to connect to default microphone device. Make sure it is plugged in and functioning properly." I'm not sure how to resolve this issue...
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HaRrY3y ago
Hi @jaysky I realize that this is an old post but I stumbled upon this same issue now.... I know that Wwise disables the Unity audio by default and as @Max said that its nothing to do with Normcore because it uses Unitys Microphone API... did you fixed this issue? I can turn off "Disable Unity Audio" under Audio settings and it seems to stop throwing error but not sure if Wwise would have problems now. Thanks