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Blobtown aims to shorten the distance between creation and play. It's designed to captivate a youthful culture where memes and language evolve constantly, allowing players to express their ever-changing world through simple and imaginative gameplay. https://youtu.be/ak_EFav-Uiw?si=gx907PUsAMFMKRBL It's in early access, so much more to come: https://www.blobtown.com I'm a solo dev and I could not have executed on my vision without a well designed and built multiplayer framework. Grateful for the normcore dev team and community for the support over the years! ❤️
Blobtown Launch Trailer
Come play blobtown with us and help make it a success at blobtown.com!
Welcome to Blobtown
Social f2p game for meta quest
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maxweisel2mo ago
Amazing work! Such a fun concept