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[WebGL] Shopify Party

Shopify Party is the incredible work of Daniel Beauchamp. Built to support 2D, VR and web and designed to provide an immersive social experience, integrating networked physics and real-time voice communication, all within a web browser environment to make virtual hangouts more fun. How we built Shopify Party
“Normcore makes the decision to add multiplayer to a game a no brainer. It doesn’t matter if it’s VR, 2D, or on the web. It’s straightforward, easy to set up, and it just works. At Shopify we were able to build a full social web game with networked physics and voice in no time. I still can’t believe it can run like butter at 120fps…in a browser!" - Daniel Beauchamp.
Try it out for yourself here -
How We Built Shopify Party
Shopify Party is a browser-based internal tool that we built to make our virtual hangouts more fun. With Shopify’s move to remote, we wanted to explore how to give people a break from video fatigue and create a new space designed for social interaction. Here's how we built it.
Normcore | WebGL Demo
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