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Cannot build after upgrading to Normcore 2.10.2
Hi, Today I upgradet Normcore from 2.9.5 to 2.10.2, but, after upgrading, I get the following error in the Unity console: Asset Packages/com.normalvr.normcore/Normal.Realtime.Profiler has no meta file, but it's in an immutable folder. The asset will be ignored. The error appears every now and then, even after restarting Unity, and I cannot built to my device anymore. I'm attaching the editor log to see if it helps. Thanks!
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Non-vr spectator
Hi guys, I'm trying to develop a VR application and would like to include a scene for non-vr users, but I cannot seem to manage it. My VR scene has a RealTimeAvatarManager who instantiates the VR player successfully. What I did for my other non-vr scene is to duplicate the VR scene (keeping the same name for the room), but removing all VR elements (XR Interaction Setup and the RealtimeAvatarManager). What I did is to add a SpectatorManager on the same gameobject as the Realtime one, that instantiates a different prefab (no RealtimeAvatar this time). Is this the way to do it? I tried to "simulate" the AR Spectator example in the documentation, however, I get an error in the spectator scene whenever the VR client connects (RealtimeAvatar failed to register with RealtimeAvatarManager component. Was this avatar prefab instantiated by RealtimeAvatarManager?), though I can see both players in both apps. Thanks!
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Syncing music
Is it possible to execute an audiosource clip and that all the clients hear it? There is a recipe in the documentation (Recipe: Timers + Synchronized Playback) that says that this sync method can be done to sync audio, however, I could not achieve it. I'm trying to sync a float with the playback time but no success.
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