Chesco3mo ago

Where do I start?

Hello everyone, the basic implementation for VR is really simple and fast, the problem I am facing now is that the documentation and examples are very vague. Where do I start? I have created a part of the project, now I want to implement nomrcore to start testing. The basics are done, movement and coordination of the players, now my next step is to "put" my NPCs. Do I first manage the player connections and from that assign the authorities of the NPCs? Code examples for managing clients? Assigning authority over NPCs or other objects? Sorry, I'm completely lost.
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Mechabit3mo ago
pretty sure you use this channel post example code. but if you are looking for tutorials this play list is quite popular
Black Whale Studio - XR Tutorials
Part 1: Normcore Introduction & Setup - Make a Multiplayer VR game
In this new series, we are going to show you how to create a VR multiplayer game with Normcore. We will cover the basics such as the Avatar setup with the XR Interaction Toolkit, moving around and grabbing, as well as advanced features such as setting nicknames, changing the avatar's color, and muting the avatar on demand. In this video, we wil...
Chesco3mo ago
Thank you very much, I have been watching quite a few videos, including the one you tell me, if I try to implement nomrcore it is because of the backup capacity on servers, but I don't understand how I have been testing with Mirror and it is much easier for me to use it than with nomrcore. I'm going to try the AI ​​to see if I find what I'm looking for...
Towellie3mo ago
Hey definitely give the AI a go, one of our team members will always follow up to check its responses and provide further help!