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Lost Wizard Corp.
Created by Lost Wizard Corp. on 7/9/2024 in #🤝ask-a-question
character controller
if i have an xrorigin rig that moves with a character controller and if i disable and re-enable the controller will the avatar model lose track of it
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Created by Lost Wizard Corp. on 6/14/2024 in #🤝ask-a-question
when avatars are created do they have ownership of the child views as well
when an avatar is created are the child views also owned , i see that in the demo the avatar thats created has ownership of the origin view and transform and the child views only have ownership of the realtime transforms and not the views , is there a way to set that , would it be better to create a new avatar manager with a new custom model that has a meta model to achieve owner ship of child views when the avatar is created
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Created by Lost Wizard Corp. on 5/24/2024 in #🤝ask-a-question
what does this mean
Failed to set model on component (2:Cube (1) (XrParticleControlsSync)). UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object) Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView:BindModelsToComponentMap (Normal.Realtime.ImmutableModelCollection,Normal.Realtime.RealtimeComponentMap) Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView:Normal.Realtime.IConfigurableComponent.SetModel (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeModel) Normal.Realtime.Realtime:ReplaceSceneViewModelWithFreshModel (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView) Normal.Realtime.Realtime:RegisterSceneRealtimeView (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView) Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView:Start ()
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Created by Lost Wizard Corp. on 5/16/2024 in #🤝ask-a-question
Loading XR Avatar with RealtimePrefabExtensions
hello I have created the prefabloaddelegate script for loading other objects besides the avatar , but when the avatar is called i get a warning that the avatar prefab doesn't exist in our list of preloaded assets, it still loads async but id like to do away with the warning , i have also added to my prefabloaddelegate list but still throws the error my delegate script is attached
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