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check internet permission

check internet permission

I'm having trouble connecting a room on

I'm having trouble connecting a room on poor cellular connections. It has enough bandwidth for UDP traffic (youtube streams), but fails to connect to a room. Is there any failsafe?

hi, where can we get a health check on

hi, where can we get a health check on the normcore servers? seeing some weird issues with audio in our build which was working earlier. also can't seem to sign-in or sign-up through the website either. (happening to multiple team mates in different locations in AUS)...

getting the wrong clientID when obtained

getting the wrong clientID when obtained by a client through ownerIDSelf. To elaborate: I want one client to make changes to another. Client A clicks on Client B's nametag (which Client B owns), and obtains the nametag's ownerIDSelf. Then client A sends a regular event Action (not networked) to a CustomData menu which allows some config to occur with that clientID int as payload. This is a networked model change. Sometimes you'll get Client B, sometimes yourself or another client! There are multiple rooms loaded, but the spawned avatars are all in one room, and the Realtime.clientID is also pulled from the same avatar room....

I ve got one issue on desktop in editor

I've got one issue on desktop in editor: ExecutionEngineException: String conversion error: Illegal byte sequence encounted in the input. It happens when I disconnect from WiFi network and try to call _realtime.Connect(roomName). We're testing reconnects caused by temp internet loss. It doesn't happen on my PC, but happens on other PCs of other devs. I have system language set to English. They to Polish. I've found one clue here. System can return some values requested in Polish language somewhere deep inside Connect method on the native side maybe.
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VRTK + Normcore

Hi people! I have a problem with getting normcore to work with vrtk (virtual reality toolkit) - can anybody help?