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Is anyone else having problems with intellisense and syntax highlighting?

I currently suspect it has something to do with Normcore's auto-compile feature for custom models. Like, somehow it is interfering with visual studio's text parsing. My issues could also be unrelated to Normcore, but I wanted to see if anyone else was having similar problems before troubleshooting. The only other major package I have installed is XR Toolit.

Connection issue on the Quest

Hello, I have an app that connects fine in the Editor but doesn't connect when running on the Meta Quest. I get the following error: Realtime (native): BidirectionalClient: Connection Error: Unable to connect to on port 3000, error: No address associated with hostname Normal.Realtime.Native.Plugin:Log(LogLevel, String) Normal.Realtime.Native.Plugin:MatcherTick(IntPtr)...

Normcore with Meta movement SDK locomotion

I have a question related to Meta movement SDK . Is there anyone who set up multiplayer with this SDK ? Basically i got reply from them to sync armatures position and rotation . but this will be lot of data which will create problem i think . Any guidance on it or any feature in Normcore which make possible to work with Meta movement SDK.

what does this mean

Failed to set model on component (2:Cube (1) (XrParticleControlsSync)). UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object) Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView:BindModelsToComponentMap (Normal.Realtime.ImmutableModelCollection,Normal.Realtime.RealtimeComponentMap) Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView:Normal.Realtime.IConfigurableComponent.SetModel (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeModel) Normal.Realtime.Realtime:ReplaceSceneViewModelWithFreshModel (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView)...


I have a chair system, where on OnCollisionEnter it is marked as "occupied = true" and OnCollisionExit it is marked as "occupied=false". When avatars enter the room, they get teleported to the next available chair that someone isnt sitting in. It all works fine, and the status of the boolean adjusts if people switch seats....

Realtime OnChanged event will not fire

Hey guys, I have a simple model, SceneModel, which has one integer property, amountOfSceneChanges. When this integer increments, I want the delegate to fire. I have tried: - Verifying the model is subscribed to the event on load, and even manually resubscribing right before the call...
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How can I have a singleton custom Realtime Component in scene

I have an instance of a custom Realtime Component syncing data over the network. Here's what I want: 1- When first client connects, it instantiates the Component's model to an initial data state. 2 - When the second client connects, it should detect that the same Component's model's was already instantiated with a default state by the first client, so this second client only has to replicate the state on the scene. I've done experiments with the isFreshModel flag inside the OnRealtimeModelReplaced function but, for the second client it seems to be called twice, once when it first connects, and has a default valued currentModel. And then a second time, when it gets the actual data set by the first client. This behaviour seems odd, I would expect the currentModel have the data set up by the first client filled in on the first OnRealtimeModelReplaced call....

synchronize a video in a too

Hi guys! I'm trying to develop a meeting room in which I want to play a video on a screen and all the players can see together. I tried adding a Realtime Transform to the screen object but it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to do it? Thank you all!

Enabling Gameobject with realtime view on it

If I have a game obejct that is off when the scene loads, and that game obejct has a realtime view and custom component on it, will the realtime view properly register with the realtime when I enable the game obejct?

Can i set RealtimeView's scene view UUID?

I have a use case where i need to set the scene view UUID because i'm using normcore in 2 different apps. Is this possible?

VR Multiplayer Questions.

I want to make a multiplayer game using Auto Hands and Final IK plugin, so will that be an issue to sync the hands, legs and body info across players and how how should I be approaching to do something like this?

Setting rigidbody position with ".MovePosition()" a single time results in a desync between clients.

This successfully moves the rb to the desired position to the owner of the object but not the other clients....

How to sync walking sounds

How should I sync walking sounds?

Creating multiple servers using Normcore VR

Hi, I'm creating a VR game using normcore and Unity, and I have the basics set up. However, my game is supposed to have only two players, and currently, more than 2 can join. My ideal situation is to have a lobby and allow people to create and join each other's rooms. I'm aware that you can put people in scenes, but can I create the same scene so that my game could support pairs of 2 playing in the same scene without seeing each other? (Example: Lobby is scene 1, Game is scene 2, one pair who jo...

Switch from normcore 2.9.5 to 3.0.0-webgl-alpha.1

I switched from 2.9.5 to 3.0.0-webgl-alpha.1 and all of my scripts that use RealtimeComponent broke. I am getting this error: The type 'scoreDicModel' cannot be used as type parameter 'TModel' in the generic type or method 'RealtimeComponent<TModel>'. There is no implicit reference conversion from 'scoreDicModel' to 'Normal.Realtime.RealtimeModel'. CS0311...

Loading XR Avatar with RealtimePrefabExtensions

hello I have created the prefabloaddelegate script for loading other objects besides the avatar , but when the avatar is called i get a warning that the avatar prefab doesn't exist in our list of preloaded assets, it still loads async but id like to do away with the warning , i have also added to my prefabloaddelegate list but still throws the error my delegate script is attached...

Model is "frozen" (stops updating) when owner leaves. How to avoid this?

This happens with RealtimeTransform on rigid bodies and also with custom models. It would be nice to automatically reassign ownership when user leaves to keep it controlled by someone.

How to clear RealtimeSet or RealtimeArray

I run matches on loop. And before I start a new match I have to clear the previous scores etc that are stored in RealtimeArray. Lets say there are 10 matches, each match has its score, now this score used to be stored in RealtimeArray, now I am using RealtimeSet so that I can clear it. So I cannot clear RealtimeArray and the only way I can clear RealtimeSet is by using this while (model.advents.Any()) { model.advents.Remove(model.advents.Last()); }...

Player Name

How do I make the text I print appear in the player's head?
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