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How to limit VR lag between room switches

When switching rooms there's a significant lag where the vr glasses basically freeze before the new room is loaded. How can this be reduced or is this an error due to my setup? I have pretty much followed the Youtube tutorials available for managing rooms by using asynchronous scene reloading.

How do I determine whether connecting to a room failed?

When I call realtime.Connect(), I need to determine if the method failed. There's already a didConnectToRoom event, but not one for if it fails.

Sync a value when OnApplicationPause is triggered

I want to change the health value from a player model as soon as he paused the game in an Oculus Quest. I already have the info that once you lock/turn off the headset, the OnApplicationPause event is triggered in Unity and I've already did some checks to make sure it's actually being called. Right now, I wrote a very simple code: ```c // called by Unity...

Is there any way to add hats

I'm making a fan game of a VR game called Gorilla Tag and if you played it or not, you might know it has hats, glasses, badges and holdable accessories! Is there any way to add them to my game? They need an enable and disable button, and they must sync between clients, i know how to make them synced (just add a RealtimeView and RealtimeTransform) but i need some help implementing them.

How to choose specific micro device for voice chat

I'm developing a setting menu where user can see list microphone devices (Microphone.devices). How can I let them choose specific device to use for voice chat?

Does Realtime transform work differently on a 2D rigidbody vs a 3D rigidbody?

I'm having an issue where it seems like the rigidbody has no velocity when being moved by the realtime transform on the remote client.

Syncing video stream. Getting Error model' is inaccessible due to it's protection level

I'm working on a corporate experience, syncing videos streams to all users. I have recently updated to 2.10.4. Attached are the scripts created. I'm getting an error stating: 'RealtimeComponent<VideoStateModel>.model' is inaccessible due to its protection level. It seems that I'm not able to access the RealtimeModel that was created. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to change the volume of other people's voices when using normcore voice chat?

I am using normcore with the xr interaction toolkit to create a vr app in unity. I am creating a settings menu where the user can change the volume of the background music and the sfx of my game but I also want the users to be able to turn up/down the volume of other peoples voices in the same room. Is there a way to do this?

glb downloads

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of glb files in VR. I'm downloading avatars at runtime, in a VR app, Oculus Quest 2. When it is downloaded, it makes the screen go black for a few seconds. The logcat doesn't produce any errors, it just seems to refresh itself when it does the download. Someone else enters the room, their avatar starts downloading - I get black screen for 2-3 seconds too of course. Everyone gets it, it's not a random occurrence. I've worked previously with fbx files only and never had this issue, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact its a glb file and/or the textures? The Gltf Asset component on the avatar prefab (which accepts the downloaded glb file with the avatar model in it) looks like this. The URL is empty, because that comes in from a database after you enter the room....
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Experiencing issues with idle players

I needed to change the time a player is disconnected for being inactive. Is this possible?

XR Origin

Hi, I'm trying to add a basic XR Rig as a Realtime+VR player with Normcore and it's kind of working. However I don't think I have done it right. I can see the players spawning in the editor and each player seems to be working on the Quest but I don't see the other players in the headset. Anybody have tips to look out for when building a rig like this?...
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when avatars are created do they have ownership of the child views as well

when an avatar is created are the child views also owned , i see that in the demo the avatar thats created has ownership of the origin view and transform and the child views only have ownership of the realtime transforms and not the views , is there a way to set that , would it be better to create a new avatar manager with a new custom model that has a meta model to achieve owner ship of child views when the avatar is created

error when syncing custom int

Failed to set model on component (1:score2 (score2)).

Disable welcome message on startup?

Obviously the bot will not get this. But is there some way to disable the welcome message on editor startup? It happens every time my project boots up, and seems kinda annoying, intentionally try to keep logs / warns / errors minimal and only required. I guess technically the Getting Started tag is fitting for this lol, mainly cause nothing else fits....
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Should I update a value in RealtimeDictionary<TValue> every frame?

I need to update a value every frame and I already have the implementation of a RealtimeDictionary. Should/Can I update the vavlues every frame?

realtime.destroy problem

Realtime: Could not find RealtimeViewModel for RealtimeView in the datastore. Unable to destroy RealtimeView. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)...

normcore pricing question

is the 120GB of data per month or forever (for the free plan)

show lobbies

how would i make a system that shows all of the current active games?


how do you use realtime.destroy